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Keeping the doors of learning open COVID-19

Staying at home during the lockdown can be boring. Beat the blues with Digital Sakshar.

Mumbai, April 4, 2020: With an increasing number of states, provinces and even whole countries closing institutions of learning as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, over 80% of the world’s students are not attending school (UNESCO, 2020). Pratham InfoTech Foundation (PIF) stands ready to share its expertise and resources to enable everyone to keep the doors of learning open for all. Pratham InfoTech Foundation

Years of experiences in the field of e-education PIF has launched a free online leaning app – Digital Sakshar with lots of excellent courses on the site for free. More than 35 courses and 3990 videos of Academic, business, Technical, Soft skill, designing content available in the app. Maharashtra Board school curriculum from subjects oriented videos were available for concrete understanding of content. Courses like Soft skills will give you the chance to strengthen your personal and professional relationships by addressing conflicts between individuals within organizations. Digital Sakshar’s online tutorial to get you started on building your social media presence across all of the top social networks—from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to Instagram, Hassle free usage guideline is another feature of the app, available in both android and IOS including a discrete YouTube channel for videos. Digital Sakshar App can be downloaded from Google store or apple store and can use in understanding and enhancing various skills.

Pratham InfoTech Foundation Co Founder and CEO, Mr Prem Yadav says “Our desire is to transform lives through learning. To help minimize the impact of the corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak on students, youth or any individuals, Digital Sakshar app can be of significant help”.

About PIF:

(PIF) is a non-profit organization that works in India to bridge the digital divide, facilitate the adoption of information technologies (IT) in education, and equip disadvantaged youths with skills, tools and capabilities that new global economy demands. Pratham InfoTech Foundation is committed to ensuring “e-education for all”.

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