The two gentlemen of Verona



Now let’s start with some activities. Children please answer my questions. Tea: what is your favorite pastime? Stu: Reading, watching TV, Playing music, playing games. Tea: Do you read books for entertainment? Stu: Yes Ma’am, sometimes we read comics or story books for entertainment. Tea: What role do books on the lives of great people play? Stu: Such books give us inspiration and positive energy to tackle with difficult situation in life. We come to know more about them. Tea: How can we decide if a story is average/good or excellent? Stu: It mostly depends on the choice of different people. If any story helps a person to be more confident and positive it is surely a good or excellent piece of writing. Tea: What is the story about? Stu: It is about two boys who have many challenges in their lives and it tells us how they try to overcome them with their hard work and earnest nature.