The two gentlemen of Verona

Frame Simple Sentences


frame simple sentences but it should include at least one word from your mother tongue or any Indian language. Stu: 1) I love Pav –bhaji. 2) A Paithani is embroidered with golden thread. 3) You need two teams to play kabaddi. 4) Vada – Pav is my favourite snack. 5) Ganga is a holy river. Tea:- Good! Now translate these sentences in Marathi. Stu: 1) मला पावभाजी आवडते. 2) पैठणीवर जरीच्या धाग्याचे काम केलेले असते. 3) कबड्डी खेळण्यासाठी दोन संघ लागतात. 4) वडापाव माझा आवडता नाश्ता आहे. 5) गंगा पवित्र नदी आहे. Tea:-:- Very good, let’s try and make up a simile comparison such as ‘as cold as ice’, as hot as an iron, as soft as silk, as deep as a well and try to use them in a complete sentence. Stu: 1. Your voice is as sweet as honey. 2. Rahul is as cunning as a fox. 3. Priya is as innocent as a baby. 4. Gopal is as quick as lightening. 5. This bed is as hard as a stone. Tea:-Good!