The two gentlemen of Verona

Learn About Spoonerism


Spoonerism is a slip of the tongue. The first letters of two or more words get interchanged in spoonerism e.g. 1) Go and shake a tower (Go and take a shower) 2) I must mend the sail. (I must send the mail) 3) You have very mad banners (you have very bad manners). Now let’s practice some more. Try to correct the following sentences. Tea: Do you like to bead in red? Stu: Do you like to read in bed? Tea: I can fee my soot prints. Stu: - I can see my foot prints. Tea: I caught a ban of soda. Stu: - I bought a can of soda. Tea: You hissed my mystery lecture. Stu: - You missed my history lecture. Tea: Stop nicking your pose. Stu: - Stop Picking your nose. Tea: Good!