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Use of Dictionery


what is the use of a dictionary? Stu: ma’am we can find the meanings of difficult words from a dictionary. Tea:- Not only difficult words but also many more things. See this page as you can see this is a sample of a page of a dictionary. We can find in the dictionary the following things: 1) Find the meanings of words. 2) Find out the correct spelling of words. 3) Find out how to pronounce or say words. 4) Find out what part of speech a word is 5) Usage of the word. Tea:- Now a days it is very easy to open a dictionary where ever you are just by the use of internet, as you can see in the picture. Just by typing the word you can get all the details regarding that word. As you can see it shows what kind of part of speech it is, its meaning, its use in a sentence as well as its synonyms and antonyms. With the help of audio we can get the proper pronunciation of the word. Isn’t it very helpful? Student: Yes ma’am today itself I am going to download a good dictionary in my mom’s smart phone, so that I can use it any time.