Chasing the sea Monster



Continue: At six o’clock day began to break, and with the dawn’s early light, the animal’s electric glow disappeared. At seven o’clock a very dense morning mist spread around us. Our best spyglasses were unable to pierce it. The outcome: disappointment and anger. At eight o’clock the mist rolled away, and the horizon grew wider and clearer. Suddenly, Ned Land’s voice could be heard. “There’s the thing in question, astern to port!” the harpooner shouted. Every eye looked towards the point indicated. There, a mile and a half from the frigate, a long blackish body emerged a meter above the waves. Quivering violently, its tail was creating a considerable current. The crew were waiting impatiently for orders from their leader. The latter, after carefully observing the animal, ordered the engineer to sail full steam towards the animal. Three cheers greeted this order. The hour of battle had sounded. A few moments later, the Abraham Lincoln headed straight for the animal. Unconcerned, the latter let us come nearer, it got up a little speed, and kept its distance.