Chasing the sea Monster

Important instructions from the chart


some important instructions from the chart. Tell me where do we find such timetables displayed and what information do they give? Stu:- Ma’am we can see such timetables on railway stations, bus depot as well as airports and they give various information regarding arrival and departure, proper timing, place of arrival and depart etc. Tea:- Well said. Tell me about the names of train and their number with its status up or down. Stu:- Mandavi exp (0103) down. 2) Mandavi exp (0104) up. 3) Konkan kanya exp (0111) down. 4) Konkan kanya exp (0112) up. 5) Netravati exp (6345) down. 6) Netravati exp (6346 up. 7) Matsyagandha exp (2619) down. 8) Matsyagandha exp (2620) up. Tea:- Good. Now find a station that begins with ‘P’. Stu:- Pune, Panvel, Pernem, Padubidri.