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Opposite words


Tea:- Give the opposite of the following words. 1. Arrival – Departure 2. Reserved – Unreserved 3. Board – Tea:- don’t know? It is alight. Board म्हणजे ट्रेनमध्ये चढणे, alight म्हणजे उतरणे. 4. Current booking - Advance booking 5. Get on - Get off 6. Up - Down. Tea:- Very good! Now list words related to railway/ bus journey. Stu:- Passengers, advance booking, boarding, arrival, departure, train, bus, tracks, people, tickets, reservation, luggage, sleeper, birth, A.C, fare, station, distance, travel, coach, two- tier compartment, front seat, driver, conductor, motorman. Tea:- Very Good.