A Parody



Tea:- Hello students, How are you? Stu: We are fine. Thank you madam. Tea:- Today we are going to learn a beautiful ‘Parody’ Stu:- ‘Parody’? Is it a poem? Tea:- Yes, It is a kind of poem. Do you know what is meant by parody? Anyone? Okay, I will explain. Parody is a humorous imitation of a literary work or style. It is always exaggerated. First, we will read the original poem how doth the little busy bee.. by ‘Isaac watts’. After that we will read its parody composed by ‘Lewis Carroll’. Parody म्हणजे विडंबन. So are you ready? Shall we proceed? Stu: - Yes ma’am, we would like to read and understand both the poems. Tea: Before proceeding, we have to see some new words and their meanings. Stu:- Sure ma’am. This will help us to understand clearly the meaning of the poems. Tea:- 1. Doth means does. It was used in old English 2. Grin means smile broadly.