A Parody

Read the following sentences


let’s read the following sentences. Stu: 1.Birds fly. 2. The saucer broke. 3. The water boiled. 4. We fly kites. 5. Neha broke the saucer. 6. She boiled the water. Tea:- Good! Look at these sentences, The same verb can be intransitive in some sentences but transitive in some other sentences. Students now find out transitive and intransitive verbs in the following sentence. Tea: 1. I wake up late. 2. A rose smells sweet 3. It rained heavily. 4. I filled the bucket. 5. Baby jumped up and down. 6. The cat smelled a rat. 7. The mist rolled away. 8. Pour the milk. 9. Ring the bell twice. 10. The glass was full. 11. The loud noise woke him. 12. The rolled up the carpet. 13. The bell rang. 14. Baby bounced the ball. 15. Baby caught the ball. 16. Write the letter. 17. The movie was good.