From The Selfish Giant

Difficult words with their meanings


meanings of some difficult words from the lesson. : 1. Determined:- Having made a firm decision. 2. Gruff:- rough, hard. 3. Cloak:- a loose outer piece of clothing, fastened at neck. 4. Linnet:- a bird. 5. Perfume:- Pleasant smell. 6. Casement:- a window. 7. Crept in:- Moved slowly and carefully. Tea: Now please answer my questions. Tea: How was the garden? Stu:- It was a large, lovely garden with soft green grass. Tea: - Where had the giant been for seven years? Stu: - The giant had been to visit his friend the Cornish ogre. He stayed with him for seven years. Tea:- Who were pleased to be in the giant’s garden? Stu:- Snow and frost were pleased to be in the giant’s garden.