From The Selfish Giant

Come back to the lesson


let’s come back to the lesson. In the lesson the author describes the seasons and Natural elements as though they were persons. This is known as personification. Name some elements which are personified in the lesson and tell whether each is shown as a good or bad person. Stu:- Spring, Snow, Frost, North Wind, Hail, Flower are the elements which are personified in the lesson and amongst all these only spring and flower are shown as good persons and rest of them, Snow, Frost, North Wind and Hail are shown as bad persons. Tea:- Very good. Now list all the words related to weather and seasons from the story. Stu:- Springtime, blossoms, autumn, winter, snow, frost, north wind, ice, summer, morning, afternoon, blowing, fruits, flowers, singing birds, green grass. Tea:- Good.