The Unsinkable Ship



Titanic part 1: Teacher:- Children, Do you know the story of Titanic? Student: Yes ma’am we have seen the movie Titanic. It is really very tragic. Teacher: Yes, that’s true, The unsinkable ship is the story of this ship which faced a disaster. Let’s start reading the story: On 10 April 1912 the largest luxury ship in the world set sail from Southampton (साउथॅम्पटन) in England to New York. She was called the Titanic. The word ‘titanic’ means huge. This was her maiden voyage, that is her first voyage. She set out to cross the Atlantic Ocean and she carried more than two thousand passengers. The Titanic was like a floating town. Everyone called the Titanic the finest ship in the world. Everyone was proud of her. She was as tall as a building with fifteen storeys. Inside she was like a large hotel with grand staircases, dining–rooms, shops and swimming pools.