Festivals of North East India



Hi, Children! Today our topic is about festivals. Tell me do you like to celebrate festivals? Stu: Yes, teacher. Tea: Why do you enjoy fairs and festivals? Stu: During festivals we can wear new clothes and eat wonderful dishes. Tea: What are the different festivals celebrated in our state? Stu: Our state celebrates all the festivals of all the communities which reside here e.g Holi, diwali, Eid, Christmas. Tea: Do you know festivals which are celebrated in other states? Stu: Yes teacher. Onam is celebrated in kerala, Baisakhi in Punjab, Durga puja in Calcutta, Chhatpuja in Bihar. Tea: What is the relation between seasons and festivals? Stu: In our country some important festivals are celebrated in the harvest season to express our joy when the crops are harvested.