Songs & Greetings

Songs 1 & 2


Today we are going to learn two songs & greetings. After vacation when you rejoin your school you meet your old friends. You also see some new faces in your class and you make friendship with them . You introduce your new friends with your old ones . The first song is like this:Good Moring , Good Moring , The best to you this Moring How are you ? How are you ? I hope you are feeling fine And happy all the time! In the above lines the poet says Good Moring to every one. He asks how you are? and repeats the same line again and again. He then himself gives the answer that he hopes that you are feeling fine and also adds that you must also be happy all the time. Here the poet says that when children come closer to each other and have the feeling of togetherness ,they enjoy a lot . This togetherness brings more happier moments for them. The poet also says that everyone is everyone’s friend, there is no difference left when it comes to play. And again he says that the more we get together we are more happy .