Question bank

Activity of game part 2


My next situation is : When you go to buy something (game part 2). 1. What is its cost? 2. Can I get some discount?3. How long can I use it?4. Is it durable?5. Where can we buy clothes at reasonable price?6. How should I maintain it?7. Will I get replacement in case of breakage?8. Can you give bill for it?9. Where will I get its replacement?10. Will you send it at my house?11. How can I do the payment?12. Will you accept credit card?13. Can I pay you online?14. Can I pay you in installments?15. Do I have to pay in cash?16. Will I get immediate replacement if it is not good?17. How should I order it?18. Do you have my address?19. What is the timing for exchange?20. What is the expiry date?21. What is its price?22. Do you have any variety in this?23. Can you give me in half price?24. Tell me its price after giving discount? very well done !