Question bank

Activity of game part 2


My next situation is things you see in nature. 1. Which is the biggest animal?2. Which is the dangerous animal?3. Where can you find tigers?4. What does dog like to eat?5. How do birds fly?6. How do we get rain?7. How do clouds form?8. Who keeps the air pure?9. What do we get from trees?10. Why human beings cut the trees?11. Where are deserts?12. Where do we see the snow?13. How can we grow crops?14. Who are farmer,s friends?15. What is the colour of parrot?16. Which birds give eggs?17. What do we get from cow?18. Which animals are useful for riding?19. From where do we get heat?20. From where do we get light?21. How many planets are there in the universe?22. Which is our planet?23. Where do stars get light from?24. How do day and night occur?25. How does fish swim?26. What are the things that we find in the ocean?27. From where do we get drinking water?Well done children! Now we can say we have a question bank as we have collected so many questions.