He knows the workman

Introduction and Explanation


Today we are going to read a lesson named ‘He Knows the Workman’. This story took place during the time of king Ashoka. Do you know who was king Ashoka? He was a great king and he succeeded the throne of Mauryan Empire and became Samrat Ashoka. During his time a new temple was being built in the capital city. All the people in the capital helped to build the temple. Everyone wanted to make it strong and beautiful. Rich people gave their money. Workmen put in their best work and others helped to prepare the stone and cut the timber. Everyone in the city wanted to contribute in the work and make it a great temple. One day an old man came to offer his help. His name was Jaikishan and he was a stone carver. A stone carver is a person who gives beautiful shapes to shapeless stones. They make beautiful statues, out of stone. Jaikishan also carved beautiful figures and designs in stone. But he was old and his hands shook a little. Yet he was a good workman and took great care his work. As everyone was busy doing some work or the other for the temple Jaikishan was told to carve a figure of a devadoota in a corner.