Now I know

Introduction and Explanation


Hello children ! now we are on the last page of our English textbook. Now we will try to revise all that we have learnt in the whole year. So let’s start with the first activity: Use of capital letters in our text. Children, when do we write capital letters when we are writing something? You have explained very well. Now let’s explore another topic. Use of ‘a’ and ‘an’. Who will try this? Ans. - Ma’am I can explain this very well. We use ‘a’ before name of anything: animal, place, etc for example a bag, a white duck, a big hill, a man, a table, a chair, a dog, a cat, a bird, a school, a building, etc. It is also said that we use ‘a’ if the letter is from consonant category. But when it comes to vowel ( a, e, I, o, u ) we have to use ‘an’ in place of ‘a’ before the word. For example an ant, an airoplane, an axe, an angry man, an egg, an elephant, an engine, an early bird, an ice cube, an ice cream, an ink pot, an umbrella, an urn, an orange, an ostrich, an octopus, an hour, an honest. In the last two examples we write an because the sound of ‘h’ is silent when we pronounce those words. Good Job, your explanation was up to the mark.