A to Z

Activity alphabet "R" to "Z".


Teacher: Very Good ! so we have finished our first activity. Now let ‘s start one more activity. We can see many things done in the picture. Try to frame simple sentences and tell loudly. 1) The boy is flying a kite. 2) Some people are standing on the bus stop. 3) A man drives a van. 4) The sun shines brightly. 5) Children are playing .6) One girl is banging a drum . 7) A woman is selling vegetables. 8) The cow is grazing. 9) The dog is chasing the cat. 10) The cat is chasing the mouse. 11) The man is wearing a hat. 12) The watchman is yawning. 13) The butterfly is flying. 14) The lady is walking with umbrella. 15) The frog is sitting on the rock. Well done children. All the sentences are very good . Now let’s try writing all small alphabets on a single line with proper strokes.