Fun and Games with Tara and Friends

Activity 3


ShaII we start with our next activity? it is caIIed Five beginnings but one end.Form groups of 5-7. Enact the phrase. Then use it to frame different sentences. Enact the sentences. Example .1. Swimming in a tank.2. I am swimming in a tank.3. I am also swimming in a tank.4. We are swimming in a tank.5. I hate swimming in a tank.6. He was swimming in a tank.Now its time to have some fun. you are out if you say yes or no. 1. Bittu are you ready?Ans:- I am always ready.2. Kuku, will you stop jumping?Ans:- But I enjoy jumping.3. Paddy, are you tired?Ans:- I am hungry.4. Paddy, come fast.Ans:- I am coming.