Fun and Games with Tara and Friends

Activity 4


Choose some topics to make a list. Try to list as many items as possible within a given time. 1) Things and people in the classroom:- Chalk, duster, board, chair, table, benches, desks, blackboard, dustbin, fan, tube lights, maps, charts, windows, door, teacher, students, monitors.2) Things you may see in a kitchen:- Bowl, plate, cup, spoon, bucket, cutter, knife, dish, gas-cylinder, lighter, matchbox, rolling board, sieve, sink, strainer, saucer, tin, tongs, rolling pin, stove, oven, water filter.3) Things you need on a picnic:- vehicles, clothes, cap, camera, water bottle, tiffin, goggles, towels, handkerchief, toothpaste and toothbrush, torch, mobile phones, medicines, guide, teachers, friends, sports equipment .4) words beginning with ‘C’:Cone, cat, cup, can, comb, come, chalk, choice, child, camel, counting, cabin, crew, coke, call, cage, cow, cake, cashew, carrot, cartoon, cool, coffee, cube, cottage.Well done students