Fun and Games with Tara and Friends

Activity 5


Are you ready for the next chaIIenge? try to Write meaningful sentences from the above words 1) A brown chair .2) a square table. 3) white fan 4) Rounded cake,5) Two cylinders. 6) Ten spoons. 7) Colorful plates, 8) Glass dish.9) Five Students 10) Many people 11) Red Carrot 12) Big football.Coming to next activity Complete the sentences in the pink track using phrases from green field. Ans:- 1) You are her brother.2)She is our leader.3) They are in group B.4) He is his father.5) I am in your group.6) She is my friend.7) He is our teacher.8) We are their neighbors.9)You are in their group.10) She is our teacher.11) He is in our group.12) We are all in ‘B’ group.13) They are our leaders.14) You are in group ‘B’15) We are her brothers.Very good students ! Thank you.