An invisible Bench

Activity of question answer


Use your ideas to answer the following questions. 1. What are you doing with Invisible pen?. Ans.- I am writing with the invisible pen.I am using invisible pen to do my homework. I am improving my hand writing with invisible pen. 2. What are you doing with Invisible paper.? Ans.- I am reading an invisible paper.He makes boat of an invisible paper.She writes on an invisible paper.Well done children! now coming to our next activity. Join the pieces to make at least 10 meaningful sentences. Remember to use a question mark if you begin the question with “who”. I will be singing.We are her classmates.He want your pictures.He was our teacher.They were very friendly.Who was singing?Who is your classmate?We are in standard vi.They will help us.Who saw your pictures?Who is in standard vi?They were singing.You are our class teacher.We saw your pictures.Who is our teacher?