The Mouse Merchant

Activity of question answer


children I will ask you some questions. You have to answer them. My first question is. 1. Who was Somadatta? Students:- Somadatta was a poor orphan boy.2. What did somadatta took from the rich merchant? Students:- Somadatta took a dead mouse from the rich merchant. 3. who took the dead mouse from somadatta? Why? Students:- A shopkeeper took the dead mouse from somadatta to feed his cat.4. which qualities of somadatta are mentioned in the lesson? Students:- somadatta’s qualities such as intelligence, hard work and politeness are mentioned in the lesson.Some of them paid him cash while others paid him in kind- meaning – in the form of things articles, grains etc. Student:- Ma’am I know the answer its ‘kind’ very good children! all the answers were correct.