The Mouse Merchant



Now I will give you a starting point and you have to build a story on that. The starting point of the story will be: Aneesh planted a mango seed on a hill. Everyday he visited the place on the hill and watered the seed. He was eagerly waiting for the plant to grow. After few days he saw a small plant coming out of the ground. He was very happy to see his efforts growing into success. Students:- after few month, Aneesh father told him that they are going to shift to a new city as he has got transferred from there. Aneesh was very sad and disheartened. He was thinking about his plant.Student:- Aneesh grandmother was watching Aneesh from few days and was worried for why he was sad. One day she asked Aneesh about his worries. Aneesh told his grandmother everything about the plant.Very Good! Your story is not only interesting but informative as well. You inspire everyone to plant trees and preserve nature. Keep it up.