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Now we will learn about adjectives. An adjective is a describing word. Many times we have to describe people, places, animals or other things. We use describing words and such describing words are called adjectives.for e.g. 1. A beautiful place.2. A lovely flower.3. A good handwriting.Words that describe a noun or a pronoun are called adjective.Now I will give you an exercise. I will give you some describing words and you find at least three suitable nouns for each.1. Poor.Students:- poor man , poor child , poor girl.Teacher:- 2. Small.Students:- small boy , small house , small bird.Teacher:- 3. Dead.Students:- dead animal , dead plant , dead man.Teacher:- 4. Polite.Students:- polite behavior , polite man , polite voice.Teacher:- 5. Lazy.Students:- lazy dog, lazy woman, lazy child.Children hope you enjoyed this lesson.