Eco friendly celebrations

Introduction and Explanation


Today we are going to learn more knowledge about festivals and ways of their celebrations. Our lesson tells us about the importance of celebrating our festivals in an eco-friendly manner. In this lesson sharva is writing a letter to his cousin Atharva. Sharva has received letter from him mentioning how they celebrated Ganesh Utsav in an eco friendly way in America. Sharva is eager to know more about it and even tells Atharva that they have also decided to celebrate Diwali in an eco friendly manner. Leaving behind crackers they will enjoy the delicious traditional snacks, mouth- watering chaklees, anarsaas, karanjees and laddoos. Instead of crackers they will light their house with beautiful paper lantern. He also says that he is going to make a model of Raigad fort and for that he is collecting pictures and information. Then he enquires about Atharva’s plan to visit India. Yes, that is true. Today mostly we contact our relatives through facebook or whats app. It has become very convenient and cost cutting. But always remember old is gold. Writing letters is more touching than chatting on whats app .