Eco friendly celebrations

Paraghraph reading


I have read the lesson for you. Now one by one tell me about the important points in each parah. We will start with first paragraph. Dear Athararva,I received your letter. Hay ! First of all, congratulations ! It’s really amazing that you have celebrated eco-frindly Ganesh Utsav in America. Please write to me more about it.The first paragraph tells that people staying in America also celebrate Ganesh Festival but in an eco- friendly way. Will read the fifth paragraph.I always love to read your letters. Atharva, I have heared a lot about Thanksgiving and Halloween in the U.S. I am really curious to know more about them. Please do write to me.Sharva tells Atharva that he always loves to read his letters and enquires about festivals like thanks giving and Halloween which are celebrated in US. He shows his curiosity to know about them and requests Atharva to write in detail about those festivals.very good.