The man who thinks he can



Now we will do one activity. With the help of voice modulation you can express your feelings. For example the tone you use when you are angry or happy or afraid etc. Now we will learn the use of ‘Apostrophe’ It is used in short forms to show that some letters in the words have been dropped. The apostrophe is also used with ‘s’ in phrases like Meena’s shoes, Mohan’s ruler, a cat’s paw etc. The sign (‘) is called apostrophe.1. Don’t- do not.2. Can’t- can not.3. Won’t – will not 4. You’ll – you will.5. You’re – you are.6. You’ve – you have.Now find and make a list of five examples of is with nouns.1. Somadatta’s business.2. Merchant’s dead mouse.3. The lion’s paw.4. Minnie’s shell.5. Sanjumama’s library.well done.