The man who thinks he can

Activity group discussion


Now I will give you some time. You can form a group of five and discuss with examples how you state of mine can help you to do something. Students:- Ma’am I was very poor in reading and everyone teased me. I felt shy to read in front of anyone. But one day I was impressed by my friend’s reading ability and decided to read like him. At first it was very difficult but I decided not to give up. I took help of everyone I could and made up my mind that I will be like my friend. Today I am able to read properly and very impressively.Students:- Ma’am my writing was very bad and I was ashamed of it. But I made up my mind to improve my handwriting, Once I decided about it, it become easy for me. I practiced and today I am happy with my writing.Very well said children ! we all are sometimes afraid of many things in our life. But we should keep confidence in ourselves and work hard. Then it will be easy to achieve success in life.