How Glass is made



Now tell me some everyday things made from glass. Eg. light bulbs, bottles, jars, glasses, , window panes, table tops, showcase. Well done ! now coming to our next activity. Try to guess meaning of the following words from the passage.i) Molten – means made liquid of solid.ii) Transparent – menace that we can see clear.iii) Impermeable – means something which does not allow any liquid to pass through it.iv) Impart – means give share of.v) Recyclable – means that can be processed once again and used again.Now tell me Some properties of glass – • Glass is transparent.• It is strong and hard. It can bear a lot of load on it.• It doesn’t allow water or any other liquid to pass through it.• Glass does not affect the food, water or other substances stored in its containers.• It has smooth surface and it can be washed easily.• It is beautiful to look at and it can be recycled.Good job.