Introduction and Explanation


Today we are going to learn an interesting poem: “Time”. We always speak about time We say time is precious, time is more than money etc. We all know once a minute is passed it never comes back again. This poem also tells us about time. It is written by poet ‘Christina Rossetti’.How many seconds in a minute? Sixty, and no more in it; How many minutes in an hour? Sixty for sun and shower.Poet tells us that there are sixty seconds in a minute, not more than . There are also sixty minutes in an hour. How many hours in a day?Twenty four, for work and play How many days in a week?Seven, both to hear and speak.Hours make a day. So the poet tells us that there are twenty four hours in a day, for doing all our work and play. Days make week, seven days make a week. So students we have learned about the poem Time. Now you list the rhyming words from the poem.