Activity of question answer


Now I will ask you some questions about measurement, starting with the word ‘How many’ . and you have to answer them. First, I will ask you about weighing units. Teacher : Q1. How many milligrams in a centigram? Stu : Ten milligrams in a centigram.Q2. How many centigrams in a gram? Stu : - One hundred centigrams in a gram.Q3. How many grams in a kilogram? Stu : One thousand grams in a kilogram.Q4. How many decigrams in a hectogram?Stu : One thousand decigrams in a hectogram.now next question is about liter which measures the volume of liquids. Q1. How many milliliter in a centiliter?Stu : Ten milliliter in a centiliter.Q2. How many centiliter in a liter?Stu : one hundred centiliter in a liter.Q3. How many deciliter in a hectoliter?Stu : One thousand deciliter in a hectoliter.Q4. How many liter in a kilolitre?Stu : One thousand liter in a kilolitre.So students time is something that gives us opportunity to do things in a in right way. So you should never waste time.