The Magic Herb

Introduction and Explanation


Today we are going to read a lesson named ‘The Magic Herb’. Children, tell me do you love magic? Yes, I know every child loves to see magic. In this lesson we will read how the magic herb works. This story is about the innkeeper and a merchant. One evening a merchant was in search of shelter for a night and came across the inn. He knocked at the door and asked for help. As he introduced himself as a poor merchant, the innkeeper was not very happy to entertain him. But he took him inside his inn. Inn means a small hotel and innkeeper is the person who takes care of it. The merchant was wearing simple garments and carried only a simple cloth bag on his back. what is the meaning of beggar and merchandise? Ans.:- Beggar means the one who asks for alms from someone and merchandise means goods for sale, things that a merchant sells. What is the meaning of : afford, reputation and suspect. Ans.:- afford means to have enough money for something .Reputation means people’s opinion – what they think of someone or something and suspect means doubt something, or to think that something is wrong.