The Magic Herb

Explain story part 2


Now the story becomes more interesting. We are also eagerly waiting to know what happens in the morning. Does the magic works? Yes the magic worked but it worked differently than what the innkeeper and his wife were expecting. The next morning as soon as the innkeeper and his wife woke up, they went to the merchant’s room and found no one there. The room was empty. They started searching for the merchandise but it was not to be found. They were sure that the herb had a strong magic and were quite sure that he must have forgotten something. The innkeeper searched in every nook and corner of the room but he couldn’t find anything. Suddenly the wife slapped herself on the forehead and realized that they were fools as their trick fall on them. The merchant had forgotten to pay them for their services and left the inn. The innkeeper never used the magic herb again. So children what do we learn from this story?