The Magic Herb

Activity for students


Now I want you to enact the story. Form a group and convert the story into a play. I will play the role of innkeeper, my friend here will play the role of innkeeper’s wife and one more will play the role of the merchant. Students A:- (knocks at the door)Students B:- Who’s there?Students A:- I am a poor tired merchant, I want to spend the night at the inn.Students B:- (Opens the door)Students A:- I have spent a long tiring day at the market. I don’t have the energy to walk back to my village. Please prepare a simple dinner for me.Students B:- (Nods his head and goes back to the kitchen)Student B:- Ugh! What’s the point in serving such beggarly customer. He calls himself a merchant, but look at his clothes ! look at his bag ! He has to carry his merchandise himself. Cannot afford a servant! Cannot afford a good meal!Students: C- (Plays the wife role) You are right ! We have to cook a meal for him, give him a place to sleep and what is he going to pay in return? Just a couple of coins may be! Why did you take him in? Drive him out.Teacher:- Good job! Children. Your play was wonderful. !