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Explain about tense


So children now we will learn tenses. The different forms of verbs that show the time of the action are called tenses. There are three types of tense: Past tense , Present tense and future tense. Past tense : The action took place in the past that means the action has finished. For example1. I ate my food. Here the verb ate shows us that the action of eating food has been done long back and is finished.Present tense:- The action is still in progress and is going on presently.For e.g. 1. I am writing a poem.Here the verb shows that the action of writing is going on and has not finished.Future tense:- The action will take place after some time in future For e.g. 1. I will go for jogging in the morning.Here the verb shows that the action has not started but will start in future.