At the Science Fair

Activity of craft class


Children now tell me any one activity that is simple and interesting and you do it in your craft class. Now we will go back to our lesson. Tanmay will explain us how to make a ‘magic watering can’. He made this magic watering can so that he can water his plants we need. 1) An empty tin with a lid 2) A nail. 3) A hammer. He made a hole in the bottom of the hammer. Then he took the lid and made many holes in it. It was very simple but you need to be careful not to hurt yourself. No. there is a scientific reason for it. It is because of air pressure that the water starts falling down from the can. When he puts a finger on the hole the water stops. That is also due to air pressure. The pressure of the air outside the can is not allowed to work by putting a finger. Hope you all understood the procedure.