English Know your Body

Introduction and activity of body parts


Today we are going to learn more about our body. Now have a look this picture and tell me the different parts of our body. Now we are going to learn the functions of each part of our body. First and most important part of our body is Head. The brain is protected by our skull. Do you know, what is the function of brain? Correct. Do you know the brain keeps working even when you are sleeping? The brain stores the information acquired by us in proper files when we are sleeping. Now next important part our eyes. Everyone knows how eyes are important for us. We can see the things because of our eyes. When we fall down or have an accident our bones break . We have to go to doctor. He says there is a fracture – fracture means a broken bone. Then doctor uses plaster-cast. He uses this because broken bone grows again and repairs itself. Plast cast is used to help the broken bone to grow properly.