English Know your Body

Explanation of skin


Now we will learn more about skin. Our body is covered with skin. Do you know that our body repairs itself? If the skin is cut or injured, blood starts flowing. After a little while, blood clots , bleeding stops, and then scab forms on the cut. After a few days that scab also falls off. There is new skin under the scab. There are millions of bacteria on our skin but most of them are harmless. Harmless means they are not dangerous to us. While breathing we take oxygen inside and release carbon dioxide in air. Do you know the air from our sneez can travel at a speed of about 160 kilometers per hour. When we cough, the air from our cough travels at about 95 kilometers per hour. We must take good care of our body, because a sound mind resides in a sound body. To keep our body healthy we have to follow some good habits.Now students we will do one project. We will make posters or chart on which you have to write ‘Good Health’ and ‘Hygiene’ messages.