One Thing at a Time

introduction and Explanation


well, Today we are going to learn a good habit through a poem. It is about how to improve our work or task.For example:- I give a task or an activity to all. After 1 week I will try to find out if everybody has completed the task. But someone may complete it very nicely, some will do the same task differently. Someone will get ‘A’ grade. Others will get ‘B’ and someone will get ‘C’.These all grades depend upon quality of your work. Good grade can be achieved by proper concentration. That means you have to do one work at a time. Don’t do two or more jobs together. This is what the poet tells us in this poem titled as ‘One thing at a time.’Now we will see the meaning of each paragraph.In first stanza the poet says: When you are working, you have to do only work. When you are playing you have to only play. This will make you happy.In 2nd stanza the poet says: You do all the things with proper concentration. If you do them in halves you can’t do them in a proper way.In 3rd stanza the poet says: Do one work at a time. Then only you can do it well. This is a good rule which is told by many people.In last stanza the poet says: Time is very important and valuable thing. You should not waste your time. So always concentrate on what you are doing. Work whole heartedly when you are working. Play whole heartedly when you are playing. So children how was the poem?