How creatures move

Activity 2.


Children now coming to our next activity I will give you a table and, you will have to make meaningful sentences from this table. • Rain falls from the sky.• Rain falls down from the sky.• A stone rolls down from the hill.• A river runs in the sea.• The wind blows down the hill.• Boats sail in the sea.• Clouds float in the sky.• Clouds sail across the hill.• Clouds float over the sea.• Boats sink in the sea.• The wind blows in the ground.• Smoke spreads in the sky.• Smoke spreads over the ground.• Smoke rises to the sky.• Boats sink to the bottom of the sea.Good ! You had a good practice for making sentence. Now we will do our last activity.I will give some words and you have to complete them in a phrase as per your imagination.