Collection of English Texts

Activity of price tag


Do you know what is a price tag? Yes exactly ! you are correct. Look at this tag. This tag is of Rs 100 and it is for Bunny Brown Soft toys Company. Very Good ! Now these are Headlines. We see headlines in news papers. Sometimes only by reading headlines we can judge its contents. Sometimes we find headlines interesting and we read the whole news. Most of the times we read the headlines and read only those news items in details in which we are interested. Now a days we see news channels also attract us by putting interesting headlines. We can see here many headlines. 1. CM visits science fair at nagar.2.Two injured in road accident near chakan.3. Lohgaon student bags Ramanujan Prize.4. World cup 2015:- New Zealand beat Scotland by 3 wickets.The headlines tell us what are the important news on that particular day. Children try to make some headlines yourself. Very good children Hope you all understood the lesson very well.