Science Fun fair

Introduction and Experiment 1


Today we are going to read a lesson which is based on Science experiments. Are you ready for it? In the first part of our lesson, you can see a girl playing with a balloon. But actually she is trying to show one trick. Trick of sticking the balloon on the wall without applying glue . Someone may also think it to be a magic but it is not a magic .It’s a simple science experiment. Do you want to know how she did it? Step 1 – rub the balloon on your head. Step 2 - Then try to stick it to the wall. Isn’t it interesting? You all must be wondering how it works! I will tell you. There is no trick in this .This only happens due to static electricity. When you rub the balloon on your head, it creates friction which causes generation of electricity and the power of electricity causes the balloon to stick to the wall. Will you try this at home?