Where Go the Boats

Introduction and Explanation


Today we are going to learn about boats through this wonderful poem. Shall I start? Today’s, poem is titled ‘Where Go the Boats?’. That means we are going to learn about journey of boats listen carefully. I will read out the poem first. In first stanza of poem the poet says that color of river is dark brown. The sand is golden in color. The River flows this way. There are trees on its either side.In second stanza poet says that, the leaves of trees are flowing on river water & foams created by river look like castles. Poet is sailing his boat on river & he is wondering that where will it arrive? In the third stanza the poet says: river flows down the mountains or hills. It flows through valley & then post the mill.And in the last stanza the poet says that river flows a hundred or more miles. Poet is saying that other children shall bring his boats ashore.In this way poet is telling about how the river flows from different parts of nature. He is describing the journey of paper boats made by him.