A letter from Hingoli

Introduction & activity question 1


Today we are going to read a lesson named, ‘A letter from Hingoli’. Hingoli is a place where a boy named Raman stays and he is writing this letter to his uncle. Sanjumama. He has gone to his village ‘Sagroli’ to spend his summer vacation. At Sagroli he enjoyed swimming in the Manjara river with his cousins Tejas and Avadhoot. He has described the beauty of the village in his letter where he talks about his ride on a buffalo, walking through Balaghat hills, reading books from Ajoba’s library. He felt as if he is the king of Sangroli. we all love to visit our village, isn’t it? Yes, true! we all are very busy. But it is our desire to grow in life. So we come and settle in cities. Those who are settled in villages like to visit cities. They find cities very happening. "What the ad says". This is an ‘ad’ of krispy crunchy that tell us we always eat this ‘krispy krunchy’ any time and any mood and the offer is buy one get one free. we see many types of chips, wafers and other snacks in attractive packing. But it is not good for our health. So children like you should eat nourishing diet that includes all types of cereals, pulses, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk etc.