A letter from Hingoli

Activity of Question 5th and 6th


Now we will find smaller word hidden in given words. Reached – reach. Each. Wonderful – won, wonder, on Unforgettable – for, get, forget, table. Colourful – colour, our.Incomparable – in, compare, able Lovingly – loving, in Decorate – rate, decor, ate Measure – me, sure Whenever – never, when, ever, hen Knowledge – know, now, edge, owl.Now we will find meaning of difficult words in the lesson. Now I will teach you to read the dates. e.g. suppose we have to read today’s date 16-02-2017 then you will read it as the sixteenth of February two thousand and seventeen. Now one by one answer with the correct terms for the dates. 1) 15 August - fifteenth August. 2) 22 December - twenty second of December. 3) 26 January:- twenty sixth of January. 4) 1 May:- first of may. 5) 21 June:- twenty first of June. 6) 18 july –eighteenth of july. 7) 31 January –thirty first of January. 8) 6 February – sixth of February.