Nu- Jo’s project

Introduction and Activity


Today we are going to read an interesting lesson ‘Nu- Jo’s project’. In this lesson there are two characters Akshay and Nu- Jo. A space ship settles in front of Akshay’s house. Akshay is surprised to see and thinks what is this strange light? He sees someone coming out of the space. He introduces himself as Nu- Jo and asks Akshay to help him make his project. Akshay wonders that Nu-Jo also has projects to do as he has in his school.“I will help you. I have many charts, models, books and a tablet” says Akshay. They both start their work.Children tell me. How do you collect information for your projects?we take help of internet to do our projects. Now a days we can get every information through Google. No need to search for different books. Technology has made our work more easy and accurate. Good job children, so in our lesson Akshay shows Nu- Jo some books and tells him which are those animals and defines their body parts. As they both are busy in their work suddenly some sound starts buzzing. Nu- Jo tells Akshay that this sound is of his buzzer which tells him that he should go back to his planet as his time to visit earth is over. They both bid good bye to each other and hope to meet again sometime in future.