Nu- Jo’s project

Activity 2


Now we will do an interesting activity. Suppose Nu- Jo has made some project in which he has made some mistakes. You have to correct those mistakes by giving the proper tags. 1. Do birds have wings? Yes they do.Ans.:- The correct answer is no they don’t.2. Does a lion have a trunk? No it doesn’t.Ans:-Yes Sir the correct answer is lion does not have a trunk.3. Do elephants have ears? Yes, Big ears.Ans:- It is correct. elephants have very big ears.4. Does a buffalo have tusks? No, it doesn’t have tusks but it has horns.Ans:- Elephants have tusks and buffalos have horns.5. Does a fish have ears? No it doesn’t.Ans:- true. Fish does not have ears.6. Can a bull move its head? Yes it can.Ans:- Yes it can move its head.7. Can a bull move its horns? No, it can’t.Ans:- Horns are fixed, they can not be moved.8. Can a bull stand on its hind legs? I don’t know.Ans:- But animals like dogs, horse, etc can stand on their hind legs.Very Good children !